Arthur Maxson

Arthur Maxon
Arthur Maxson.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation The Maxson Family
Location Citadel
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Arthur Maxson resides in the Citadel. He is the last member of the Maxson Dynasty. The Brotherhood's High Elders decided that he would be safer in the Citadel under the protection of Elder Lyons than anywhere else in the wasteland.

[edit] The Maxson Dynasty

A man named Roger Maxson was the fffounder to the Brotherhood of Steel, since he passed away his family have led the Brotherhood for generations. Over 150 years after Roger's death the Maxson dynasty is left to one young boy called Arthur Maxson. His parents were Jonathan and Jessica Maxson, it states on a terminal in the Citadel that they are both dead but it doesn't state the cause of death.

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