Ark & Dove Cathedral

The Ark & Dove Cathedral
The Ark and Dove Cathedral.jpg
Location Point Lookout
Leader Jackson
Residents Nadine
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests Walking with Spirits

The Ark & Dove Cathedral is a location added in the forth DLC pack; Point Lookout. It's the main settlement of the Tribals.

[edit] Walking with Spirits

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Desmond will ask you to infiltrate their base to find out why they attacked his mansion. However the Tribals won't grant you access to the Cathedral until you've completed this quest. The leader of the Tribals is Jackson, he can be found in an underground tunnel under the Cathedral, you'll have to go through the Wrecked Seatub to get there.

[edit] The Local Flavour

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You can also find Catherine's daughter Nadine within the Catherdral.

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