Arefu 2.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Evan King
Main Local(s) Ian West
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest The West Family Home
Related Quests Blood Ties

Arefu is a small settlement located north-west of Vault 101. It is located on half of an old highway over the Potomac. Evan King has appointed himself as the leader of the town and guards the entrance, upon arrival in Arefu he will throw a grenade at you after mistaking you for a member of The Family. The Family is a group of cannibalistic wastelanders who reside in the near Meresti Metro Station. If you talk to Lucy West in Megaton she will mark Arefu's location on your map, this will also start the side-quest Blood Ties.

According to the Prima Official Game Guide of Fallout 3, the bridge used to be connected on both sides. Arefu used to be a larger settlement but after many people were killed the residents blew a hole in the bridge. Whether or not this is true is unknown.

The house at the bottom of the bridge will only be open upon finishing Blood Ties and choosing a solution in which the Family is paid Bloodpacks to send some one to guard Arefu. The only loot in the house is a Pugilism Illustrated.

Just above where the highways leaves the ground you can see a damaged sign that reads CAREFUL, the "c" and the "l" have faded away to spell AREFU, this may likely be where the town got it's name.

[edit] Loot

[edit] Residents

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