Ant Queen Pheromones

Ant Queen Pheromones
Ant Nectar.png
Addiction Rate none
Effects +3 Charisma, -3 Intelligence, -3 Perception
Weight 1
Value 75

Ant Queen Pheromones are a very rare aphrodisiac that can be acquired throughout the Capital Wasteland. They are, however, not as effective as using Grape Mentats that provide a +5 Charisma. Since there are more Grape Mentats in the game rather than Pheromones, the player is most likely better off selling them or just collecting them for their rareness.

There are only 4 Ant Queen Pheromones found within the entire game. This is due to the fact that there are only 3 Ant Queens in the game. The third Pheromone is held by Cindy Cantelli and may be purchased from her store, A Quick Fix.

[edit] A Nice Day for a Right Wedding

Main Article: A Nice Day for a Right Wedding

Angela Staley wants the player to find her some Ant Queen Pheronomes to help her seduce Diego.

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