Mr. Handy Close Up.png
Race Robot
Affiliation n/a
Location Vault 101
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Andy is a resident of Vault 101 in Fallout 3. He's a Mister Handy robot that assists Stanley Armstrong as a maintenance technician for the vault. Andy first appears during Growing Up Fast quest, he's attending the Lone Wanderer's 10th Birthday party and infuriates Butch when he destroys the Birthday Cake while trying to cut it with a power saw. He makes another appearance during the Escape! quest, you might spot him using his flamethrower on a group of Radroaches that are trying to attack him and Stanley.

[edit] Trouble on the Homefront

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If you go back into Vault 101, during the quest Andy will have replaced James as the vault doctor. He can be found covered in blood in front of the dead body of Beatrice Armstrong, apparently he chopped off her right leg while trying to fix a sprained ankle.

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