Location Capital Wasteland
Main Locals Old Man Harris
Jack Smith
Linda Smith
Junior Smith
Bill Wilson
Martha Wilson
Jenny Wilson
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest Wooden shack
Related Quests Our Little Secret

Andale is located west of the Nuka-Cola Plant and south of Fairfax Ruins. The town was founded a couple of years after the nuclear apocalypse of 2077, and when they ran out of food they started eating fellow residents and passing travelers. All children in Andale are a result of inbreeding. Andale is inhabited by four adults and their children, including a NPC called Old Man Harris.

[edit] Our Little Secret

Main Article: Our Little Secret

The residents are very friendly, until you start this unmarked quest. The truth is that the town is full of cannibals, and the Wilsons and the Smiths kill and eat any passing Wastelanders.

You can find Strange Meat in their fridge, when eaten it will yield bad karma. If you pickpocket a key from the Smiths/Wilsons you can enter their locked shack or basement and see the atrocities they have committed.

[edit] Residents

[edit] Notes

  • It could be that Andale is a reference to the nowadays "Annadale", located slightly north of "Springfield". In Fallout 3 one of the inhabitants says something like "We won the best-town price this year. And NOT Springfield". Even though Springfield is not in game.
  • Both children seem to have a very vague idea of what their parents do to the passing travelers.
  • The town may be a reference to the movie Parents (1989) which deals with a little boy of a seemingly normal 50's family of which the parents in reality are cannibals. The boy suspects something is off about his parents and wonders where the 'left-overs' come from.
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