Alien Epoxy

Alien Epoxy
Alien Epoxy.png
Effects Repairs items 15%-30%
Appearances Fallout 3
Weight 0
Value 25

Alien Epoxy is an item the player can obtain during the Mothership Zeta expansion. When used, the weapon the player is holding is repaired by a certain percentage. How much the weapons is repaired depends on how high the players Repair skill is:

Repair Skill Percentage Repaired
0-24 15%
25-49 20%
50-74 25%
75-100 30%

There is a large amount of Alien Epoxy found within Mothership Zeta. Some Aliens also carry the item, which you can loot after they have been dispatched. After the completion of the Mothership Zeta DLC, you can return and talk to Sally who will give the player any items she finds while exploring the spacecraft. Occasionally, she will give you some Alien Epoxy.

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