Aiding the Outcasts

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Aiding the Outcasts
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Location(s) Bailey's Crossroads
Received by Outcast Distress Signal
Reward(s) Access to the Outcast's Outpost
Related Quests The Guns of Anchorage

Paving the Way
Operation: Anchorage

Aiding the Outcasts is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Operation: Anchorage DLC expansion. The quest will become available to the player after a few minutes wandering the Capital Wasteland. After installing Operation: Anchorage, the player will receive a message detailing the Outcast Distress Signal. This is where the quest begins.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Investigate the Outcast Distress Signal

After the player receives the Outcast Distress Signal, you are given the objective of heading for Bailey's Crossroads, accessible by heading through the Metro south of the Red Racer Factory, to aid Defender Morrill and his fellow Outcasts from a Super Mutant assault on the Outcast's Outpost. The Metro is fairly short and is inhabited by a small number of Feral Ghouls.

[edit] Aid Defender Morrill

When you arrive at Bailey's Crossroads, you will find Defender Morrill and some Outcast soldiers locked in a heavy engagement with several Super Mutants. Defender Morrill will ask you to aid the Outcasts in the battle for the Outcast's Outpost. You must aid Morrill in clearing a path towards the Outpost. Take caution as the Super Mutants are heavily armed and may kill you and several other Outcasts.

Take care when firing upon the Mutants, as it is possible to miss your target and end up damaging an Outcast, causing the other Outcasts to become hostile towards you. After clearing out the destroyed, Super Mutant infested building, Morrill will order you to follow him to the Outcast's Outpost. He will then tell you to enter the elevator and speak with their leader, Protector McGraw.

[edit] Speaking with McGraw

After you have taken the elevator ride down into the lower level of the Outpost, you will meet Defender Sibley. He will bring you to their leader, Protector McGraw. McGraw wants your help in opening the Armory within the Outpost. He wants you to enter and complete the VS Simulation of Operation: Anchorage, a U.S. Army campaign against Chinese Communist invaders between the years 2067 to 2077. Only your Pip-Boy will allow you access to the VS Simulation, and so you are of great importance to the Outcasts.

Protector McGraw warns you that the Simulation has no safety perimeters and that death within the Operation: Anchorage Simulation will result in your death in the real world. After agreeing to help regardless, Defender Sibley will lead you to Specialist Olin.

[edit] Aiding the Outcasts

Specialist Olin will act aggressive towards the player and order you to wear the Neural Interface Suit she hands you. If you have the Lady Killer Perk, you can calm her down and ask her for more details on the situation. After speaking with her, she asks you to enter the Simulation Pod in the middle of the room.

Once the player sits inside the Simulation Pod, you will receive the Aiding the Outcasts Achievement. After a brief loading screen you will find yourself inside the Simulation and at the beginning of The Guns of Anchorage quest.

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