Race Ghoul
Affiliation Charon
Location Underworld
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:
  • Ninth Circle Key



Related Quests Hired Help
Agatha's Song

Ahzrukhal is the owner of a bar called The Ninth Circle in Underworld. You can buy alcohol from Ahzrukhal's shop and with a Speech check he'll also sell you drugs such as Jet and Buffout. He has good manners compared to other Wastelanders, despite him being a sick, twisted, and sneaky man.

Ahzrukhal owns the contract to a slave and possible companion called Charon, he is willing to give you the contract in exchange for 2000 Caps but you can get him for 1000 if your Barter skill is above 50.

[edit] Hired Help

Main Article: Hired Help

If you don't have enough caps to purchase Charon, Ahzrukhal will let you work for him to gain Charon's contract, this will start this unmarked quest. Ahzrukhal wants you to assassinate a Ghoul named Greta who works for a rival shop in Underworld, because he doesn't like competition. After killing Greta, usually by waiting for her to go on her break, you can obtain Charon's contract.

After telling Charon that's he's no longer under Ahzrukhal control, he'll tell you he has one last job to do before joining you, he then proceeds to walk over to Ahzrukhal and blow his head off with a shotgun, because "he's in an evil man".

[edit] Agatha's Song

Main Article: Agatha's Song

In this quest you can sell the Soil Stradivarius, a violin, to Ahzrukhal for 200 caps, or 300 with a speech check, instead of returning to Agatha.

[edit] Notes

  • The ghoul drops a finger, so he is unquestionably evil.
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