A request for help

A request for help is a holotape found in Fallout 3. One can be found with Moira Brown at the Craterside Supply in Megaton and another can be found with Dr. Preston in Rivet City. The holotape relates to The Replicated Man quest.

The note reads:

If you're listening to this recording, it is because you're believed to be trustworthy. I hope that is the case, because this recording puts us both in danger. I'm escaping from the Commonwealth. I'm an android, a synthetic man...a slave. The men hunting me are ruthless and will stop at nothing to retrieve their property. I need to find a doctor in the Wasteland to perform facial reconstruction. I also need someone who knows a great deal about computers. I need...I need to have my memories erased and my face altered to look like someone else.

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