A Sticky Situation

A Sticky Situation
Location(s) Little Lamplight
Received by Sticky
Reward(s) Caps
Related Quests n/a

A Sticky Situation is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3, it can be found after Major MacCready grants you access to Little Lamplight. Just pass the gate you'll find a group of kids surrounding a teenage boy called Sticky. It's a rule in Little Lamplight that all kids must leave the caves once they turn 16 and head for Big Town, it just so happens that Sticky has just turned 16 and he wants you to escort him to Big Town.

If you've already discovered Big Town on your map then this mission can be finished in seconds, if you haven't then prepare for a long walk with a kid who doesn't know the meaning of "shut up!". While your escorting Sticky he can be given any weapons or armor from your inventory, he can be used as a companion for as long as you wish, however once you cross the bridge in Big Town the quest will end and Stickey will no longer follow you.

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