A Nice Day for a Right Wedding

A Nice Day for a Right Wedding
A Nice Day for a Right Wedding.jpeg
Location Rivet City
Received by Angela Staley
Reward(s) Good Karma
Related Quests n/a

A Nice Day for a Right Wedding is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3. It takes place in Rivet City between Angela Staley and Diego. Angela is madly in love with Diego, but Diego's loyalty to the church is stopping him returning that affection. There are 3 ways to go about this quest:

  • Angela asks you to get her some Ant Queen Pheromones, which can be used to seduce Diego. You can get Ant Queen Pheromones by killing a Giant Ant Queen or you can buy them from Cindy Cantelli in Rivet City's Marketplace. After giving Angela the Pheromones, wait a few days then talk to Deigo and he will tell you that he's leaving the church and he's going to marry Angela.
  • A quicker way to end the quest is to talk to Father Clifford and lie to him by saying that Diego and Angela have been sleeping together. Father Clifford will ask Diego to step down from his position in the church, which means he's free to marry Angela.
  • If you talk to Diego and continue to press him about the marriage, he will get angry and tell Angela to never speak to him again, this will end the quest.

If you manage to get the couple together you can go back to Rivet City a few days later and either Angela or Diego will tell you the location and time of the wedding. They'll ask you to join them at the Rivet City church at 3pm the next day. Watching the wedding will result in good Karma.

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