300 Pieces of Silver

300 Pieces of Silver
Location(s) Megaton or Springvale
Received by Silver or Colin Moriarty
Reward(s) Up to 400 Caps
Related Quests Following in His Footsteps

300 Pieces of Silver is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3. Colin Moriarty wants you to find an ex-employee of his named Silver, who's hiding out in the town of Springvale, on the outskirts of Megaton. If you can't afford the 100 Cap price tag that Moirarty is asking for information on your Father, then he'll give you the option to collect some money for him instead. He wants you to collect the 300 Cap debt that Silver owes him.

There are several different ways to finish this quest:

  • You can convince her to give you the 300 Caps, in return you tell Moirarty that she's gone.
  • You can attempt an Speech option to convince her to hand over 400 Caps, in return you tell Moirarty that she's gone.
  • You can agree to tell Moiriarty that she's gone for no Caps, this will result in Good Karma.
  • You can kill Silver and take 400 Caps from her body.
  • You can use the Speech option to get 400 Caps, then kill her to get another 100 Caps.
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