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Welcome to the Wiki!
Welcome to the Fallout Series Wiki on Neoseeker. Here you will find a database of Fallout information and images (including content about the world in general) that will help you in-game or otherwise. This wiki is open to all members who want to contribute, let's make this the best source of Fallout information on the net! For more information about contributing see the "How You Can Help" section below.

Look below in the "Contents and Hubs" section to find the item you're looking for, a specific event in the Fallout Universe, or anything else. An easier way to find these things is to use the search bar at the top right of the page.

Because the Wikis are new to the site itself, we need your help to build up lots of in depth and high quality content.

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How You Can Help
  • Let's make this Fallout Wiki the best source of Fallout information on the web! You are welcome to join us and help us structure this neowiki. If you are new you should read over the editing guide before starting. The
  • Find out we're missing a page? Create it!. Or you could contribute to an existing one. For more information on Editing and Guidelines, look here.
  • Since this is a fairly large wiki, we have a lot of major projects. Furthermore we always announce new features or changes to our wiki. Viewing and discussing the major projects and announcements can help this wiki move forward.


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VB-02 Vertibird Concept

The Vertibird or VB-02 VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) craft is a pre-war military multipurpose Tiltwing aircraft extensively used by the Enclave in post-war America. It has an armament array of a Gatling Laser and missile rack. The Vertibird has a large wrench that can haul even Deathclaw cages.

By 2077 the Vertibird was still in prototype stages, and wasn't scheduled for active service until 2085. However, any aircraft that were already complete were taken by the Enclave and loyalists and presumably taken to their bases or shelters. The Enclave have now mass produced the Vertibird and it is now used as their main transportation method. The Vertibird, capable of bombing runs and close air support, strike fear into the hearts of the Enclaves rivals.


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