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"Was Fallout 3 too easy for you? Or did you at least want to see the RPG-ness cranked up a bit? Obsidian hears your cries and is introducing Hardcore mode for New Vegas. You can toggle it on/off at any time, and it operates independent of the initial difficulty level you've chosen. "


Hardcore Mode is a new feature in Fallout: New Vegas. The mode alters some things in-game to make it more realistic and, like the name implies, hard. There will be five basic game modes like Fallout 3 in Fallout: New Vegas, Hardcore Mode will be an extra feature that works with the current game mode you selected (i.e if you select normal mode, you can select hardcore mode to go a long with normal mode).

New Features Include:

Standard Hardcore
Stimpaks heal the player instantly, and cure any crippled limbs. Stimpaks heal the player over time and only by using the Doctors Bag item or seeing a doctor can crippled limbs be healed.
Rad Away will lower your radiation level instantly. It will lower your rads over time.
No dehydration, the player does not need to drink water. The player needs to drink water or he/she will die. Also introduces a dehydration bar or meter.
Like Fallout 3, ammo is weightless. Ammo has weight, so the player must prepare ahead of time.

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