Capital Wasteland

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Map of the Capital Wasteland

The Capital Wasteland is the name of the capital city that was formerly known as Washington D.C. as well as the surrounding areas.

Before the Great War occurred in October 2077, the area was known for its large military presence as well as it being to home of the President of the United States. In its prime, the capital was a large, successful area that was bustling with opportunities and the home of many breakthroughs in science and technology.

There are still remnants of the pre-war era Washington D.C. such as the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial and the Museum of History. These places were known for their massive impact on tourism on the area and also showed the patriotic attitudes of the surrounding inhabitants.

On October 23rd 2077 the bombs fells on Washington D.C., raining massive destruction on the people and architecture. All clocks within D.C. stopped at exactly 10:47. The nuclear missiles fired by China had targeted key structures within the D.C. area, such as the White House and Fort Bannister, a base used by the U.S. Military. The nuclear weapons deployed had a massive impact on the land and completely deformed the area, causing mountains to form where there were none previously, making the rivers run dry and permanently scorching the lush environment, turning it into a barren wasteland.

The nuclear holocaust had a lasting effect, still impacting the area and survivors even 200 years later. Most survivors have banded together, forming communities such as Megaton or Rivet City. Even though the Great War ended 200 years ago, many residents of the D.C. area are still under threat from the Super Mutants that have formed from the heavily radiated zones. The only hope for these people are the Brotherhood of Steel, led by Elder Lyons, whose faction are constantly at ends with the Super Mutants in an attempt to eradicate all the sustained threat.

There are many areas crawling with Raiders, who attack helpless Wastelanders and make unprovoked assaults on the innocent. The Radiation in the surrounding area has also caused many unnatural mutations to people and animals alike. Hideous mutated creatures have been created, such as Ghouls, humans that have been exposed to lethal doses and Centaurs, the guard dog of the Super Mutants.

Thanks to the creation of nuclear warheads and the hostilities between the United States and China, the world is in a state of chaos and confusion even 200 years after the holocaust.

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