Brotherhood of Steel

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Brotherhood of Steel
Brotherhood of Steel Logo.png
Founder: Roger Maxson
Leader(s): Roger Maxson
Owyn Lyons
Location(s): Citadel
Lost Hills

The Brotherhood of Steel is an organization dedicated to the discovery of technological advancements in the United States. They resemble a modern style military with most of it's members being descendants of former military soldiers and scientists. It's very rare for the BOS to recruit outsiders, with most of it's members being born into the Brotherhood and trained from a young age, however they do not believe in forcing anyone into joining, those that are born into the organization but don't want to join are free to leave.



Initiates: All members start off a Initiates, not matter what path they choose within the Brotherhood. Those who perform well and show promise are promoted to Senior Initiate followed by Apprentice. After proving themselves as an Apprentice they can choose the career path or either Knight or Scribe.

Knights/Paladins: Those promoted to Knights will spend the early years of their career in the manufacturing of Weapons and other technology. With enough years of experience they will be promoted to Paladins, who are considered the soldiers of the Brotherhood. Paladins have four different ranks, Junior Paladin, Paladin, Senior Paladin, and finally Head Paladin.

Scribes: Just as Paladins as considered the soldiers of the Brotherhood, Scribes are considered the scientists, they create and keep record of all technological advances used by the Brotherhood. While many of them focus on modern technology, there are other Scribes that study the history and culture of those who lived before the Great War. Scribes can be promoted to Senior Scribe followed by Head Scribe.

Sentinel: A rank lying between that of a Paladin and Elder. Sentinel is a rank only used by the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel. The only person to have achieved this rank was Sarah Lyons, Elder Lyons daughter and leader of Lyons' Pride.

Elders: Former Head Paladins that survive to the later years become Elders, who get a seat on the Brotherhood council. The council rule over all the Brotherhood of Steel territories through-out the United States, they are lead by the High Elder who is usually a descended of the Maxson family, however within the time of Fallout 3 the only living member of the Maxon family is Arthur Maxson who is only a child under the protection of Owyn Lyons in the Citadel.

Fallout and Fallout 2

The Brotherhood of Steel did not play a big role in the previous games, but they were noted. The West Coast Brotherhood is more cold than the their east coast counterparts and only care about technology.

Fallout 3

In 2254, following the defeat of the Enclave at the premise of Fallout 2, the Brotherhood of Steel began to expand their quest for technology. They organized an elite unit of battle hardened Brotherhood soldiers under the command of Owyn Lyons, who at the time, was a prestigious Paladin. Paladin Lyons set out from the Brotherhood HQ at the Lost Hills Bunker in California accompanied by his daughter Sarah Lyons, who was 7 at the time, and his long time friend and adviser Scribe Rothchild.

The group came into contact with the Slavers found within the remains of Pittsburgh, now renamed The Pitt. Here, the "Scourge of The Pitt" took place, in which Paladin Lyons and his troops assaulted the town and easily swept through, killing many Slavers. They took with them any unmutated children, such as Paladin Kodiak. The Brotherhood had little casualties, with the exception of Ashur, who would later control the remnants of The Pitt. Following this victory, the Brotherhood continued towards D.C.

A Capital Wasteland Brotherhood Paladin

Upon their arrival into D.C. they met heavy resistance from the City's substantial Super Mutant presence. When they reached the Pentagon, they found it almost completely destroyed. The sub-levels, however, where almost completely intact. After clearing out the Pentagon from any defense robots, they found a large enough amount of technology that would keep the Lyons forces going indefinitely. They also discovered something huge. Something that earned Lyons a promotion to Elder. They found Liberty Prime, that if restored, would make the Brotherhood of Steel the most powerful faction in all of northern America.

Lyons was given new orders to construct a base around the remnants of the Pentagon to help their continued search for technology in D.C. He quickly ordered the creation of the Citadel to provide protection against the Super Mutants.

The Brotherhood began planning excursions into Super Mutant held areas as well as combating the the Raiders in the surrounding areas. Thanks to the actions of Elder Lyons' Brotherhood faction, the people of the Capital Wasteland now felt safe in their home due to the much needed protection the Brotherhood provided. After much fighting, the Brotherhood had quelled the Super Mutant tide and began to push the remaining Mutants out of D.C.

The Brotherhood began to wonder how the Super Mutants had acquired the resources or numbers to continue such a long line of fighting. This caused much debate amongst the Brotherhood who were trying to find the source of the Super Mutant activity in the Wastes. Just where were they coming from?

After many years in D.C. Elder Lyons had grown attached to the innocents that populated the Capital Wasteland. He had begun to shift his priorities. No longer was he only interested in acquiring technology, but he also wanted to protect the people of D.C. from all the harshness they had wrongfully received. And so, he sent word to his superiors in California that he would continue his search for technology when he was "damned good and ready". Lyons claimed that he will not leave the innocents to their fate and would use the might of the Brotherhood to protect them.

Back in California, Lyons message caused a huge stir. Some were considering that he had gone rouge and shouldn't be allowed to continue. Others started to think that he was making the first step, one that could help revive the world. They though that perhaps all of the Brotherhood should follows these selfless actions. Finally it was decided that Owyn Lyons would still be recognized as the leader of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, but would no longer receive any support or aid.

Many troops under Lyons command believed that he was doing what was right. They told him that they would follow his orders to the death. They were proud to call Elder Lyons their leader.

However, there were those that strongly objected to Lyons decision and believed that he had abandoned the very principles that they so closely followed. Shortly after this outburst of aggression, those that objected gathered a large amount of technology, weapons and Power Armor and deserted the Citadel. Lyons sympathized with those that left and accepted responsibility for the deserters actions. However, he with his deepest regret, he was forced to brand the dissenters as Outcasts. This was eventually a name that they would use as a badge of honour and a sign of their disobedience towards Lyons. The Outcasts were lead by one of Elder Lyons best soldier, Henry Casdin.

By the time the player emerged from Vault 101 in 2277, the Brotherhood would still be deeply engaged in a war with the Super Mutants. Elder Lyons' own daughter Sarah Lyons now leads an elite unit of Brotherhood soldiers, known as Lyons' Pride. Since being cut off from the rest of the Brotherhood of Steel, Elder Lyons has been forced to recruit locally following the dwindling numbers the war has caused. Due to the high death rate the faction is receiving, word has spread around that "join the Brotherhood of Steel and you'll be dead within a week". Lyons is still focusing his attention on the survival of the innocent citizens of the Capital Wasteland, and as such continues to fight.

Combat Statistics

The Brotherhood of Steel are one of the strongest faction within the game, thanks to their Power Armor. They are on par with the Outcasts in terms of combat statistics. However, they fall aren't as powerful as the Enclave or NCR due to their more advanced weapons and Power Armor. They use a wide range of weapons with deadly accuracy and skill.

Weapons used by the Brotherhood of Steel:

Brotherhood of Steel Paladin in battle

Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel Members


Galaxy News Radio:

Arlington Library:

Falls Church:

The Purififer:

  • Scribe Bigsley
  • A number of Un-named Scribes
  • 1-2 Un-named Paladins or Knights

There are many more Brotherhood of Steel members the player can encounter throughout the Wasteland, both living and dead.

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